Dealing with a bad mood.

You wake up. It’s a sunny day, birds are singing but you wish you could be anywhere else, doing something else. Or be someone else. You have a bad day.

The first thing you should do is to admit it’s a bad day or you have a bad mood and don’t find excuses for that. We’re living in a society where positivity, good mood, peace&love kind of thing are cherished, where you shouldn’t be sad, depressed or just in a bad place mentally. When you go on Instagram, YouTube or even Facebook you really rarely see people sharing bad moments or bad thoughts, they’re all happy, full of joy, love. The more it is like that, the more we hide in the inside.


Expecting that you will have a great mood every day is like expecting that you will see a sunset every afternoon. How many times you miss sunset during the week? Sometimes you can’t even see it when clouds are dark and heavy of rain. That’s how it is with life. And don’t think that social media or anyone else can tell you different. To be completely okay, you need to understand that those things happen to everyone, all the time (not every day though).


Usually, with a bad mood, sadness or anger comes a lot of bad energy, or vibes as you could call it to avoid sounding like some yoga guru. It’s good to either spend this energy on something positive or distract yourself, although distractions have usually temporary effect, whereas spending energy on an action can become a healthy habit. Myself, I go to the gym every time I feel bad or sad, and it really helps that I have my gym three minutes walking distance from the dorm. I believe that everything brings us energy, both good and bad moments, so you can definitely take this negative energy and put it into something nice. And see what happens.


To distract myself, I always find cleaning around the house or accommodation the best. It’s all because you shift your concentration on some action, something that brings positivity: tidy place. You just have to know that by the end of the day bad mood may come back to you because distracting doesn’t equal solving the problem. If there’s a problem, you need to take your time, sit down and find a solution. Don’t leave things unsolved because it may come to you or the bad mood can shift into something more serious, everyone knows what I mean.


And remember: you’re allowed to have a bad mood or a bad day. We aren’t machines. Just don’t let it sink into your life and bring you to the worst place possible: depression. Find your way to spend negative energy, distract yourself or try to find the solution.

Thank you for reading and see you, as always, on Saturday! Have a nice week everyone.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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