Autumn in Poland.

If you’re reading my posts regularly, you got to know that I came back to my motherland. Not because of my sorrow, homesickness or anything bad, just to finish what I started: higher education. Here is my try to picture Poland from my perspective in a quite different way.

Grey mornings that wakes you up with a cold hug, when it’s too early to open your eyes yet. When you wish for a cozy fireplace and sofa by it but all you get is a hard bed and hard mornings. You can’t open window to fill up the room with fresh air anymore, because all the freeze from outside would immediately make you sick.


You dress, make quickly some coffee, eat something in between make-up and checking messages. Time flies in the mornings so soon you have to go out of the house. You cover yourself with all sort of gloves, scarfs, and hats possible and yet you know you’ll be uncomfortably cold.


You put headphones in as soon as you go out of the dorm. Everyone around is just grumpy or sad, grey-clothed as the sky and pavements covered with old, muddy leaves. Trees were colorful for a couple of days, maybe weeks, but now they are almost naked. With no colors at all and no sun out in the sky is hard to stay positive, but coffee in the morning makes you survive the first few hours.


Trams in the afternoon full of resigned people coming from work and a couple of young teenagers laughing at something or someone in the back. Some old people speaking about church loudly, not caring much about other passengers. One man in his 40-ties with proudly opened beer explains himself why he did that and how his work is stressful. So you just turn up your volume in the phone and continue your journey by looking through the window at this grey, grey city.


You work on Saturday and that means a horde of people coming to your workplace because on Sundays shops aren’t open anymore so those folks have to fill up their Saturdays with shopping as much as possible. You try to fill up shelves and walls with products but more and more people come in and grab everything that you have just put there. People that are packed with big jackets and scarfs and with big plastic bags of stuff. The boss telling you that you have to look out for thieves because they always go for it when shops are the busiest. So from now on you try to do five things at the same time and try not to look at people suspiciously.


You come home late, with an almost empty tram. Only one homeless guy in the back, but he smells so bad you go in the front as much as possible. After 5 pm is already getting dark so at 9 pm when you’re home it’s pitch black. But it’s all okay when you make yourself a cup of herbs tea and can finally call your beloved one. Then no darkness, no greyness or cold people can change your mind. It’s a beautiful life.


Thank you for reading and have a lovely week everyone! It’s only Tuesday but a weekend is upon us, so if you’re also in the autumnal mood don’t lose your soul. See you as always on Saturday.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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