I miss Norway.

Here’s a short poem about how much and why. I miss Norway.

The quietness of cold river
that widely flew through forests.
The one that we swam across,
In one of the warm, summer days.

The sharpness of mountains’
edges, you could fall so hard,
If you only wish.
That’s what I miss.

Not soft cakes and hot coffee,
not long sleeping in warm bed.
The sharp, freezing mornings,
white world, covered in silence.
That’s what I miss.

Confident, fearless people of the north.
Small houses, but for them is enough.
Everything so raw, so untouched,
where the sunsets could just last
till the next day and then forever.

Now this rain that falls
so hard on the roof of grey,
the city where I don’t belong.
Those mornings where I see
no more.
What I miss I have lost for now,
If I could I would go back,
but there’s no time.


Thank you for reading. I know it’s neither the best poem of mine nor good in general, but I wanted to share it anyway. But I miss Norway and had to put it out somehow, somewhere. Have a nice weekend everybody and see you on Tuesday! (hopefully).


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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