A letter to my younger self.

Have you ever come to a point where your life from a few years ago feels so different like it was another person who lived it? Or one day you just realize something really, really important: that you have just matured, and that’s it.

Okay, imagine a girl in her 18’s trying almost everything that’s possible (besides drugs of course, who do you think I am), all in black clothes, rock t-shirts, heavy boots, black-colored hair, and harsh stare. She goes once per month for some concert, meets with her friends and drinks beer. In between all that she goes to high school, work and… have low self-esteem. She also paints, writes poems, runs when it’s warm and plays computer games. What else? I might have forgotten something. But that was most of all my high school times.


Take every opportunity there’s, but be wise about them. Just because something shines doesn’t mean necessary its gold. Don’t take every smile for certain, but at the same time don’t be too doubtful. Be smart, but don’t hesitate to risk a little bit. C’mon, there’s no adventure without difficulties. You’re young only once, you will have time for all those things that comes with times eventually. Don’t lose yourself in all this on the other hand. Have a base, something that you can always come back to when it gets dark. Because you’re alone it’s harder, but you have to have some “safe” place.


I think life is like a coffee you drink throughout life. Sometimes you don’t have sugar so you just taste the bitterness with humbleness, because you know the next morning or when you get paid, the sugar will appear in the kitchen. There are also times coffee is really, really dark and strong, that turns whole your day around, motivates you to do things. That’s what I would call love. A black, strongest coffee you can make. Don’t expect fluffy cappuccino every day, it takes time, money and most of all skill to do it properly.


Taste the beer, eat the food, dance, sing and talk with friends through the night. But don’t forget about yourself in all of that, take care of your mental health. When you feel like you’re sad too long, everything is too much, find a solution. Talk, seek help. Don’t think like you deserve all that, because you don’t. Every human being deserves the best in life because that’s what we were made for. To love and be loved and isn’t that the best thing in life? 


There are probably many more things I could have written. This post could be five pages long but at the same time it could have only one sentence and that would be: “be yourself”. Period.

Thank you all for reading and have a nice weekend! Hopefully, the start of the December will be good for everyone. See you, as per usual, on Tuesday.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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