When too much is too much.

Do you sometimes ask yourself if you’re doing enough? Probably constantly, if you’re like me, always trying to be productive, best version for myself and for the others. Have you ever asked yourself if, maybe, you’re doing too much though?

Doing five things at the same time is only good when you’re doing five things good, which means you’re a robot of some sort. There are probably people like that somewhere, those business sharks calling and checking e-mails in between lunch and some coffee and a small meeting at the coffee shop. But what it has to do with us, boring people that go to boring work or school every day. We don’t receive enough e-mails to check them while meeting that we won’t have because we don’t run a company. If you do those things, then hello here and congratulations! I don’t know people like that.


How to deal with this constant list of things to do when, instead of crossing things from it and moving on, we keep adding and adding sometimes unrealistic things. Or even realistic, but how the hell can you hike Mount Everest if you have only 24 hours? I make a plan of the week myself. Although I put there only three most important things on it: work, university and doctor appointments (if any). All those things that are unwritten are those that fill up my time in between, like blogging, talking on the phone or going to the gym. If I would write them on, I would feel even more pressure from myself to do them. But I haven’t answered the question yet. However, I think I’m pretty busy myself, so I’m kinda writing this also for me if that makes sense (writing it after midnight after a whole day running around is quite ironic).


Dealing with “overdoing” yourself starts with realizing that you actually do “too much”. Sometimes if you’re too much into your stuff, your work and after work things and you don’t talk much with people, it’s really, really hard to notice it. You just go and go to the top of the mountain but the hill keeps growing. But when you feel tired constantly, you’re in bad mood, have those bags under eyes and no appetite for your favorite things, then you need to sit down and relax. When you talk with someone who knows you well or at least remember you in the best shape, they will notice it as well.


So a lesson for today (for me also): don’t do too much. It’s like asking a person addicted to make-up to take it off for one hour. If it helps, think about it like that. If you’re a really, really busy person, take at least one hour per day to just sit down and do unproductive, unhealthy, uninspirational, boring, funny, whatever stuff that will be something else than work. Or just listen to the album I linked below, it’s something really different from any genre I have ever heard, it’s relaxing, jazzy (that’s how I like my music) and it takes you to another world (that’s also a plus).

Thank you for reading and hope you’re having a great week so far. See you on Saturday guys! If you want to know more about me or what’s going on currently check on my Instagram: @againorway

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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