A couple of days in February.

February for me is a special month because I’m spending its entirety in Norway. It’s been almost two weeks since I came here, but I already have a lot of pictures. Enjoy!

Last week started quite intense, with a bed-shopping (and some small bits and bobs for the house also). The thing is, we had to literally go to Oslo IKEA just because in the one closest to us (around Ringsaker) they didn’t have any “leiebil” available (which is basically a van that you can rent). And my partner’s car is way too small to take the whole mattress inside (this thing is huge).


However, we didn’t mind a little bit of a trip (well, around 6 hours in the car at least), because the weather was amazing. Sunny, wintery and white, the best weather for February. Now everything is melting and it’s more like spring-ish, even though not even a week has passed since then.


The road was almost empty, but just at the moment when we had to rush with bed back home, traffic came out of nowhere. So if you’re a fellow resident of Norway country then be careful when going out around 3-4 pm, because you might get a headache. It seems like everyone leaves the work at this hour.


The mattress was so monstrous, that it almost didn’t go into the car, so we were quite lucky here I must say. It cost us around 590 NOK to rent this machine, however, we didn’t look up close to the rules of renting. It says that for above 200 km you have to pay 3 NOK for every kilometer more you make… and we made around 330 km. So yes, read the rules I guess.


We made so many kilometers on that Monday, but it wasn’t so bad, because we both have a driving license, which means no one has to drive constantly the whole day. Even though I literally don’t use my driving license in Poland, I have it saved for times like this. You never know when it will be useful (if you like me don’t have a car yet).


And of course, sunset on the way back was stunning. I’m always impressed by how yellow Sun is fading into pink and then the blue surrounding it. I have only seen it so intense here, in Norway.

I have to rely on what my partner said here because I didn’t do much about the furniture, but he said that it’s really easy to build those. For me, instruction for the IKEA bed was like a Chinese recipe for Italian pasta, but he nailed it. Thank god, now we can sleep like normal people (before was just a single bed).


We visited lately a nice coffee place in Elverum, called Caffe Rollo. They have a really tasty latte with vanilla syrup, recommended. By the way, I don’t know why I look so terribly tired on this picture above, sorry for that. That’s the only photo I have from there.

Valentine’s Day was modest, we didn’t go overboard with that. None of us is a hardcore, festive person so we just had some flowers, chocolates and we baked a carrot cake. It was lovely.


On Friday we went bowling in Flisa and I will say one thing about it. It’s so expensive, like for one person for one series it’s around 64 NOK on Friday evening, and one series is like 10 times playing. So if you’re just two, it goes really fast. Then, quite soon you’re on the 3-4 series and then you have to cry when you pay. But anyway, it was a lot of fun.


Thank you guys for reading and I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far. See you on Wednesday!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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