Saying goodbyes.

There’re many things people don’t like to mention or they just don’t like to think about them. If they have every experienced this of course.


Because if you really cherish someone’s presence in your life, you gather carefully every memory you have together, you look at pictures with a smile and maybe tear in your eye – then you hate those times


Saying goodbyes. It’s like getting comfortable with a happier time of your life, just to throw that out of the window in the next second. Or simply – like having a cookie for quite some time and then someone took it without a word. Sometimes it’s more dramatic than a small cookie – it can be something that you need every day and you can’t live without: love.


There’re many topics I don’t mention, and I don’t mention relationships for a couple of reasons (and those I won’t mention either). But if one has ever experienced the feeling of deep love and acceptance, one can never be the same and can never go back to the same place, hoping to find himself home again. They don’t make songs “home is where your heart is” for no reason: in a silly way it’s a true saying.



Imagine you moved on with your life. You found some random job, apartment to live in, partner to stay with. And then there’s one obstacle that forces you to go back, way before everything there happened. Like acting that those things never happened, but your mind painfully goes back in memories every night. How can one stay sane in this situation?


But that’s how goodbyes are. They’re wrong. As everything that separates two people is wrong. People should be together, should talk, be bored, laugh and dance together. We weren’t created to be sitting alone in dark room, because what’s the point then? Let’s celebrate life, not embrace bad stuff.


So, yeah, avoid goodbyes, if you can. If you can’t – I know your pain. It will go at the time, you see the person you miss again, until then – it will be really, really hard. So everyone going through that – I wish you good luck. See you on Sunday with a new post!



Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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