Vilhelm Krag – Fandango.

There’s a quote from this poem that really resonates with me for many reasons. But what is just a quote, when you have a whole “dikt”? (poem in Norwegian). I won’t take the whole poem though – just one part. Be aware that I translate poem myself.

Og tiden, den sniger sig langsomt forbi mig,
og timerne vandrer at grave min grav.
Jeg tør ikke tænke – jeg tør ikke leve.
Tør ikke dø!
Og i denne dødens den natdybe stilhed
risler som endeløs heilo-sang:
Det visner, det visner


And time, it dodges slowly next to me,
and hours wander digging my grave.
I don’t dare to think – I don’t dare to live.
Don’t dare to die!
And in the death the night’s deep silence
Whirrs like endless plover-song:
It wanes, it wanes


I know this isn’t the most positive fragment of a poem I could have picked, but recently I don’t feel that positive, so here’s my mood. In words of someone else’s artwork.

I hope you guys liked this little translation segment and I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far! See you on Wednesday!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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