Dealing with the past.

I think everyone in this world has things from the past that they regret or are mad about. But what to do in order not to become an old, bitter person, full of regrets?


To deal with bad stuff, you must accept it as part of you. We’re not a bunch of angels, without any fails, that’s human nature to sometimes miss a step and fell off stairs. But once you have fallen, how can you go back in time and avoid falling? You can’t. That’s with everything in the past, it cannot be changed. The only thing about the past you can change is your opinion on it. Accept it as past, because it’s not called like that for no reason. And after all, aren’t those bad memories like a warning what not to do in the present and future?



If there’s something really, really bad, you know that once you think about it, or something reminds you about it, you won’t feel the best. Because bad memories are like scars that once healed, can be opened up again, if you dig too much. The best way is to let them slowly … disappear or at least fade. Like an old black shirt that’s no more black, more likely to be grey. Don’t talk about it with partner, friends or family. Even if someone asks about a certain thing you would love to forget, just say: “I really don’t want to speak about it”. People should understand. Don’t keep messages, photos, anything connected with something bad.


Let it be a lesson

If everything in this world would be good, cute and sweet, we would be a bunch of dummies, without any emotional intelligence. There’s one certain thing about bad things that are happening to us: they let us grow. We learn what’s good and what’s not necessarily, how to stay sane in bad situations and how to escape them eventually. You can gain from everything if you have the right perspective.


And bad memories from the past are a good example for that nothing really lasts, neither good things nor those from the opposite side. So if anything terrible is happening in the present, it will just become a past, hopefully, a forgotten one. So don’t worry! It gets better.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you are having a lovely week so far. I prescheduled posts for this week because of my partner’s visit, so next week should be something more up-to-date and fresh. See you on Sunday!


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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