About sleeping deprivation.

Sometimes we don’t realize how hard it can be until we’re so far in this thinking that we can’t go any further. We’re stuck into the thought that it’s bad.

Being a sleep-deprived person (I normally wake up several times per night, every night), when I finally slept long and good, I felt like a teeny tiny bit of myself came back to me. I could just feel peace, not only by looking at the mirror and not seeing big, dark bags under the eyes but also somewhere inside me. Because we all are just small machines in which every mechanism must work correctly in order to proceed through the day.


And when you can’t even get the basic things, like sleep, get sorted, everything that comes after that seems harder. Even cooking itself, all the things that you have to do about it. It’s a lot of work only when you’re tired. People who sleep on weekends until 10 or 11 am are blessed, and they don’t even know why. The only thing they may worry about is their dreams, which, personally, I would prefer not to have.


The ideas and suggestions that dreams offer are sometimes hurtful, and the trick is that the brain has a hard time differentiating dreams from reality. I mean, the brain creates the dreams itself, so how can it differentiate them from what’s real? Even small kids are aware, that if they dream about a cake, it won’t be waiting for them in the bedroom. But why they are scared of nightmares then? If you ran away from a monster, the monster won’t appear magically in your bed.


So sometimes even in your sleep, you can’t get the peace or rest that you so desperately need. But those days will also go, like everything bad in life. You just need patience with trying to remove worries from your life. Because the more you worry, the worse you sleep.

I hope this post doesn’t seem too rushed, but to be honest I’m quite deep in my work so I can’t do much more right now. I will try to post something for Sunday as well, but can’t promise anything. Bachelor is hard work.

See you soon!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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