The time I came back home.

March has been quite rough for me working-wise and general health-wise, so I decided to spend one weekend at home, to gain some peace back.

Some of you may ask: why you don’t go home more often then? Well, first of all, my home is basically in another part of Poland (in English it’s voivodeship I believe). And since Poland is quite a massive country (I get that saying a lot from my partner who comes from 2 mln-ish Slovenia), to get there with train takes around 4 hours.

(this one is from the forest nearby my home)

I’m a fan of car travels, I don’t mind flying with a plane – but oh lord, sitting in the train, squished between random people, which are quite often just unpolite and rude isn’t the best thing in this world. Also, it’s quite hard to get any work done in such conditions. Often trains are old and light in them is quite questionable.


Don’t get me wrong though – complaining is an easy thing to do – it’s still better to go with this damn train, than not to go at all. I realized that when I saw how happy I made a part of my closest family just by visiting them (because the other part is currently away or just living somewhere else). Also, how much I missed my cat. This ginger little fluff was my company throughout the whole high school time.


Before Norway, every time I came home I spent more time going out with friends than with my actual family. But being abroad taught me to appreciate time with the closest ones, even though I never was a family person. Friends come and goes, but family stays. And after all – they supported me no matter what.


So, visit your family whenever you have a chance, because you never know when your life will change in a way it will no longer be possible in such way. Have a nice Sunday everyone and see you on Wednesday!


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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