Living with or without parents.

When you are in your twenties you often have a choice to live with your parents or without them. Here’s about the without option.


In early adulthood, people should make mistakes in order to grow, and the only way to grow as much as possible is through independent life. Parents will always tell you what’s best (sometimes what’s best only for them, which indicates a toxic situation. Then you shouldn’t think twice about moving out) and what you shouldn’t do, so the chance of doing some fail is pretty small. You won’t learn how to pay tax, bills or cook meals if you live under the comfortable roof of your parents’ house. Who would do all those boring and stressful things, when a family can do it for him?


freedom of choice

Living by yourself (or with a partner) will make you discover who you really are and what you really like because there won’t be anyone anymore to dictate what you should wear, what’s the best for lunch and why not to put sugar into the coffee. If you will be sick, hungry, bored or sleepy, you are the one responsible for that and you have to fix it in a way, that will satisfy you. Some people have habits and make choices completely different than those parents would do, so therefore living by yourself can solve a lot of arguing.


expenses & homesickness

Those are the things that come up eventually when you start living by yourself. To live with parents means zero to little expenses (sometimes some of the parents have an agreement about paying some part of the bills, but that’s rather a rare thing). That means that you can save only a little bit of money or nothing at all (that depends on your work). It’s quite hard at the beginning to realize that you can no longer go to pubs and concerts every weekend and buy expensive tickets for some trips because you simply can’t afford that. And if someone always had a good bond with parents, then they can also experience homesickness.

I’ve been living without parents since I’m 19 (1st year of studying), so this subject is quite relevant for me. I don’t think is that hard if you can easily get yourself some work and maybe some financial support at the beginning. But it’s definitely worth the risk and you can learn a lot. However, after all, it’s people own’s choice.

Hope this was informative or helpful. Thanks for reading and see you on Wednesday!


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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