Again in Norway.

I never thought the title of my blog could become more accurate than now.

After 8 months of being in Poland, after finishing university and all this long-distance relationship thing, I’m finally back here. No more night calls, longing, and bad mood. Now, all that was planned can be fulfilled. I’m back in Norway.


It was all such a rush. I ended all my exams and graduated from university around 2 months earlier than other students from the year. So you can imagine all the stress I had to go through in May and April (and even then I was still posting quite regularly). So I graduated on Thursday, moved back to Norway on Saturday and today, on Sunday (when you read: yesterday) I got a job. I don’t usually brag about things, but I think that’s probably the only time that I can be proud of myself. Just this one small post is fair enough I think.


And the weather is nice! But will see for how long… knowing how Norway is lately. I hope you guys are having a lovely start of the week and see you soon!



Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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