Early 20s ain’t so easy.

If anyone ever told you that 20s are all about enjoying youth and freedom from school and parents then they were partly lying.

And it gets even harder when you’re a young immigrant because then you can rely only on yourself and there are no parents around to help you. You have to switch a broken tire, you have to go for home viewings if you want to move out and sometimes you go months by months without the possibility to save anything. Sometimes it’s just about surviving.


When you’re in the early 20s you probably also have to switch job all the time. Especially when you’re constantly moving out or just study. So you’re constantly exposed for stress and when it’s getting too much you can only count on yourself.

And social life? After 10 hours of work you just want peace and maybe a cup of tea. Partying? No, thank you. It’s way better to save all this money for alcohol and parties and go for some proper vacation. Because when to travel if not in the 20s?


You just have to be smart but also be prepared for a lot of mistakes, if you’re on your own. And maybe try to learn from them.

Hope you guys liked this post. Sorry for non-edited photos, but again I’m writing this on phone, no time for photoshop. See you soon!




Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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