Nice [2].

Let’s not beat around the bush and just start part two. Enjoy!

First two days in Nice were extremely hot, and to be thrown into such hot bucket from cold, autumn-ish Norway was quite a shock both for the body and for our luggage’s content also… because the weather app on our phones was showing rain and thunders whole week when we suppose to be in France. So we didn’t pack so many thin clothes as we thought we may. Well, guess it’s time to change the weather app.


However, even though it was boiling hot, we decided to go on some hill anyway. By some hill, I mean the gorgeously placed Castle of NiceBefore the hiking, we went a little bit around and saw yachts in the nearby Port Lympia, which is a Nice Harbour. There were some quite expensive ones and I can only imagine how much they can cost.


The hill is located quite close to the centrum, in part of town called Old Nice (when using GPS, remember to write castle hill instead of Castle of Nice, because there’s apparently some bug in the map). 


The hike is very easy-peasy and the view… after around 15 minutes walking up you wouldn’t expect to see so much. Endless, blue horizon and myriad of copper roofs. Here and there you can also spot a wild cactus and a proper waterfall. How the waterfall got there? I wish I would know.


After that, we headed down to grab some drinks and cool down a little bit. Luckily there was a quite cheap and cozy bar nearby, called La Shounga. One mojito was only 5€ and comparing to the centrum prices, it was a bargain.


Nice is full of colors and interesting details, so in order to get nice photos you just need to be observant, and maybe sometimes go off the most popular alleys. I wish I could post all the pictures I have, but it takes too long to edit on my old laptop.

But anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed the post! See you soon.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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