Welcome, November.

Or rather: welcome, winter.

It’s funny how changing clocks for wintertime last Saturday made everything go into the cold mode almost immediately. Now we sleep one hour longer, but behind the window, everything is frozen and uninviting. Last November I was in Poland, so I don’t quite remember how the shift between autumn and winter looked like in Norway, but now I know: it’s immediate. From the positives, it’s making the leafless trees look beautiful again.


Things have been quite slow on the blog lately. It’s hard to make content while you don’t feel quite good yourself. I’m still pushing myself to be creative because that’s who I have always been. Just to feel a little bit better. By stopping pushing ourselves, we lose control of our life, so in my opinion, it’s important to do so. Even when anxiety hits.


However, next weekend me and my boyfriend are going abroad, so hopefully, I will feel better after. I will keep the destination as a secret to make things more exciting, but I will reveal it quite soon. Expect some blogs from the trip as usual.

Anyway, have a nice week everyone! See you on Wednesday.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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