In Oslo after seven months.

If there’s still someone wanting to read me (yeah I know, I’ve been away for almost 3 weeks), here are some pictures from our last visit in Oslo, I believe it was when the last post came out, beginning of May.

We went purely from the desperation for some new environment, because we have been stuck here in this small place for months now, and you’ all now why (current world situation). Now it has gone for the better, so we gave it a try and went for the capitol. Well, at least two restaurants were open (as far as we’ve noticed).


Weather was lovely just at the beginning, that be when we went to Ekebergparken. What is that you may ask? A park, that is believed to be formed almost two centuries ago for middle-class people who needed to breathe some fresh air (because in the city were too many factories etc.).


You would imagine quite a foresty park, nothing special. Well, this one is very special. It looks like it has no much planning done, the routes around the park are most likely random, in many cases, they just go through the forest, and while you walking through that forest you may spot very weird sculptures. Well, even before you enter the park itself, you can see an obnoxious red dwarf holding a very questionable object.


So when we went down from the park (yes, you have to hike it to get to the top, or if you’re lucky enough to park your car in 6-spots parking space on the hill), it started to rain. It was raining, then it wasn’t and all the time like that, so we spent like half an hour in the car feeding ourselves with crackers. Well, at least it’s not at home.


In the city center, with clouds above our heads, we made it to Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen itself. Very beautiful spots and we go there every time we visit the city. While walking there we spotted the only opened restaurants. Expensive ones… but there was no much of a choice.


I hope next time we come here everything is open and the weather will be nice. I miss those times (two years ago) when we both worked but still we had time to travel around and enjoy. Now it’s slightly more depressing but that’s how life is sometimes.


Now with this job and sudden passion for digital drawing (because the only thing that was holding me back from going back to drawing was my laziness I guess, and with digital drawing, I can draw without any equipment, etc.) I don’t really have time to write. I will try as much as I can, depends on my schedule. But something will be up, definitely.


Have a lovely rest of the week and see you (sooner or later)!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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