Hot & summery days.

It’s been a while, but for me, it seems like May was just a couple of days ago. It’s really shocking how the time flies, and suddenly we have full-blown summer.


When I and my partner went to Hamar two days ago we didn’t expect so many people laying on the beach and swimming, beer and ice-cream stands, and all the summer vibe. It was just a month ago when we went, and we both were in jackets, shivering from the chill wind. The weather changes so fast, it’s hard to follow.


We originally planned to go to the mountains, when we both have free and it’s nice weather but we had to change it for the Hamar trip (as usual, haha). I couldn’t sleep the whole night, and when the alarm rang at 7 am I was just dead. Not an ideal mood for hiking.


I didn’t imagine summer 2020 to be like that. We wanted to revisit Sukošan in Croatia or go somewhere similar, but we have to stay here, where we have everything (I mean job and place to live). Hopefully next year we all will be able to travel again, I really miss seeing different places, hearing different languages, etc.


Anyway, I hope you guys also enjoy the summery vibes. If it’s raining, then you can still have fun, just grab a book and a coffee. See you soon with another post!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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