A free day, one of not so many, was covered with clouds (like many days this summer unfortunately) but we decided to still take a chance and go for a walk. We ended up on the top of a hill called Kjølabergstoppen.

We live in a small city with a very limited amount of attractions, especially when you are free on Sunday, during a rainy-ish kind of day.  There’re maybe three,  four restaurants, whereas only two are open, all the shops are closed and people mostly sit at home. So the nature seemed like a place to go.


We just wanted to go for a simple walk around when it turned out that the beginning of the trail to the hill (around 400 m (MSL), so it’s not really a mountain) was right next to our neighbourhood. It would be a shame then if we wouldn’t try it at least once. My partner wasn’t so positive about it due to the upcoming rain, but at least it’s a nice exercise, isn’t it?


I didn’t take neither my camera nor my phone, so all the photos were done by my boyfriend’s phone, which unfortunately doesn’t really show the real beauty of the area. Well, a bad camera I guess. What a camera can’t do, editing can fix.


The track was very nicely marked, by a red cross (I think it’s a cross) and colored wooden plates, where the green and yellow should mean an easy trail. We found also one path marked by a red wooden plate, so I presume it’s the harder one.


We found many berries and mushrooms on the way, so I guess it’s this time of the year. I usually saw mushrooms around the autumn season, but maybe because of how chill this summer is its little bit different this time.


I’m working quite a lot right now, so I’m happy to have at least this one hour outside, not in front of the tv watching Dr. House (tv series I’m currently addicted to). Usually, I’m too tired to go out or to move much. But I got myself a new laptop finally, so the blogs should appear more often if not regularly. See you soon guys and I hope you’ all are having a lovely week so far!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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