There’re various types of uncertainty: insecure workplace, hesitant relationships, questionable payments, or even unstable health. We’re living in times where those things will be more and more common. However, are we prepared for that?

The irony of life. Imagine getting a job due to the current pandemic, while everyone else seemed to be going on layoffs or losing their positions. You’re over the moon, because your previous job was far from a good one, and you were looking for a new profession for quite a while now. Pandemic comes, you got the job. What will be when the pandemic will be over?


Humans, since they were in the early stages of evolution, sought a safe place. It could be a cave with a fire, a small wooden cottage with pigs and chickens, or a straw house in the middle of the desert. They focused on one thing that brought them the most profits and they didn’t look over the horizon (okay, most of them. Otherwise we would still live not knowing about the existence of Asia or America). If they didn’t feel safe, didn’t gather enough food to survive, they moved.


So if your safe place is in reality not very safe, they you will surely feel anxious or stressed at some point. But you can’t let your life be dictated by those emotions, you have to accept them and let them flow. It’s normal to feel that way. Just don’t focus on those feelings.

We can’t always change the job, get new apartment or move to another country. We sometimes have to take what we have, but that can mean that we might feel unsafe. Those feelings will pass, because eventually everything will clarify. You will know what are you’re standing on, if you should move on or stick to it. It just takes longer than you would wish.

Anyway, I hope you all have less stress than some of us those days. Stress isn’t a fun thing to deal with – but we have to deal with it eventually.

See you on Wednesday with a book review – a new segment of my blog. I hope you’ll like it!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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