Welcome, spring.

The old, dirty snow has finally melted (I mean besides those big hills that snow cleaning machine made on the corners of streets, those will probably disappear at the end of May), so the springtime is finally on. Besides temperatures, they still go to minus from time to time, but that’s typisk norsk vær (typical Norwegian weather).

Here in the north, the seasons are quite weird and different from the Polish ones. In my home country, there’s a firm line between winter, spring, summer, and autumn. If I was to describe those in Norway, it’s more like 6 months of winter, then 1 incredibly short month of spring, summer, and winter again. And oh lord, let me tell you, one gets very confused with what to wear in this shifting phase/period. I see Norwegians with t-shirts and shorts, but on the other side of the street, you see people with winter caps. Like, for real?

I mean there’s a reason why many Norwegians buy houses in Spain and spend their whole winter (half of the year). Those long, Norwegian winters often result in bone-related sicknesses and people have to escape to hot countries with warm sand and sea. Surprisingly there exist people who travel down there even now, in pandemic times…

Some of the pictures I post are recycled, due to the no traveling and also because it takes so much space on the blog if I use every time couple of new pictures for fresh posts. The plan I have on WordPress does include quite many GB, but I’m just afraid one day this amount ends, and what then? I can’t afford to pay the more expensive plan (we’re talking about hundreds of dollars here).

We will be spending påske (Easter) in Norway, just like last year. It’s all because of this one event, and you guys already heard too much about it. I’m so sick of all those articles mentioning koronavirus, pandemi, covid-19 etc. Last time I saw my family in January 2020. We have soon April 2021. How long more? Does anyone knows?

Anyway, I hope you guys will have a wonderful påske and that the weather will be lovely and sunny. See you soon with new post!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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