Windy walk in Hamar.

Hamar is our absolutely favorite place for a walk. It doesn’t matter that it’s 1,5 hours drive away from us or that it’s particularly cold there this time of the year.

8 degrees and a small Sun-icon on the weather app was enough for us to just throw some snacks and water into the backpack and go for the adventure. We didn’t even bother to take masks, hence our trip was ment to be 99% outside.

We weren’t expecting many people, and oh my, we were surprised. It looked like all the families and group of friends crawled out of houses and hytter (Norwegian holiday houses, usually very small and in the middle of nothing), and trust me, no one, at that time, was bother by our current world situation. While we were walking by the Mjøsa, we spotted many small groups gathering around small fire or one-time-use-grill and having some pølse med brød (typical Norwegian outdoor dish: hot-dog) in their hands.

There’s something particularly delightful in the view of all those people enjoying simplicity: a rough hot-dog and their inner circle. They didn’t need alcohol, 20 degrees or loud music. Just simple enjoyment (there’re people who might call it boring, but hey, everyone has their own thing, right?).

It was very windy, as you might have guessed by the posts title, so we didn’t want to walk too long… although we spend literally more than 2 hours on walking. We, a people who love to stay at home, walking 2 hours, that’s an achievement. And when we came home I baked a traditional Polish Easter cake, which was… quite ok. Too many oranges (eh).

Anyway, that’s it for today. Welcome in April! I don’t promise many posts, as I don’t really go much outside (weather, pandemic and work combined) and my head isn’t in the best place either. But well, we all struggle from time to time. See you next time, and I hope you will have a lovely rest of the week!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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