New tattoo & back to painting.

Welcome back! The last post was on the 15th of April and if I would be to say I’m embarrassed that would be an understatement.

With “back to painting” I literally mean traditional painting. With cheapest brushes, and cheapest paint (because I don’t want to waste money (yet) on expensive equipment.)

I haven’t painted traditionally in five or six years, and that’s a lot connected with the fact that’s around the time I was moving around, changing housing every single year. It’s very much not handy to have all this painting equipment and move with it from place to place. That’s also the reason why I bought Ipad two years ago, as the idea of having all the “painting” equipment in one place was quite entertaining. However, the main problem was always the fact that I couldn’t print those artworks. And if I paint something traditionally, I can hang it on the wall or give it to someone once its dry. Simple isn’t it?

I find the act painting to be very soothing and relaxing which is perfect after this type of work that I have (fast-paced, physical). Just need better brushes though.

I was thinking if I should post my tattoo here or not. The thing is, there are many bots and hackers who use pictures from blogs like these and put them on cheap pillows on Chinese websites or something like that. I would hate if someone would use the same design or get the exact same tattoo (however I still doubt that would happen due to the amount people who will read this post). Anyhow, it’s a realistic tattoo of a bird that I like a lot and it’s on my shoulder. I like it a lot, but I’m still in the process of healing it, so it’s kinda stressful. Hence no picture of the tattoo, here’s a picture of me after a workout instead.

Anyway, I’m now counting the days to my ferie (vacation) and to be back with training. It’s a pity I was getting into it and now had to stop because of the tattoo. Hopefully next week I will be able to start again.

See you someday with a new blog. Have a nice rest of the week and a wonderful summer ahead!


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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