2022 – a year of change.

No, it’s not “that much” that changed in my life, beside my perspective on some things.

I haven’t posted here because focus on my paintings and gym (I don’t include work as it’s not in my free time). I have always enjoyed both things: working out and doing art, but I never really developed any kind of consistency.

I’m not master at arts and I’m not the best when it comes to gym either: but I learned to enjoy those things without think like I have to, in order to get better or of some other unimportant reason.

Comparing this year with last I can see a lot of improvement inwards. Maybe not in all aspects, but at least it’s a step ahead right?

My biggest problem currently is that I have more paintings than space and no one wants to buy art these days. I mean inflation and stuff, but I need to empty my apartment little bit. I guess I have to get better? Or I don’t know how things work.

Anyway I hope you doing well, whoever is reading this. Have a nice rest of the week!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

4 thoughts on “2022 – a year of change.”

  1. I discovered your site looking for Tor Ulven poems translated into English and stayed to look around.

    I wonder if I could encourage you to translate some Tor Ulven? Got interested in him after watching Joachim Trier’s film ‘Reprise’ and the rest of the Oslo trilogy.


      1. I don’t have any specific ones in mind. Happy for you to choose any at random or that suggest themselves, as and when you feel like it. I’ve got his poetic novel that was translated as ‘Replacement’ and have seen a just a handful of his poems in translation. Be good to have some more out there.

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