Fridays with Norwegian #11 – tools.

When you start to learn language or you’re in the middle of it, you may want to have some tools. The same thing when it comes to norwegian. So I listed up the “essentials”.

  1. good dicitonary: lizus (PL-NO) glosbe (NO-all languages) bokmål/nynorsk ordboka (NO-NO). If you’re travelling I would recommend paper dictionary, but there’s no “the best” paper dictionary there, so you may just pick up the one that suits you the most (for example: with work/study words)
  2. app for memory words: duolingo , memrise (this one I use the most, really brilliant). All of them you can use both on your browser and on your smartphone.
  3. website with online conjugation: conjugation (you can search most of the languages)
  4. source of “real” language: websites that can provide you online TV, radio etc.: NRK
  5. list of all the verbs: list
  6. Norwegian music: (for example my spotify playlist) music

Hope it was helpful. Have a nice weekend!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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