It’s really important these days to unplug yourself. This post is not connected (see what I did there) to Norway, however, you can say it follow their good mindset. It’s rather hard to actually put our phones and laptops away, and just sit with a book and good music, or just doing house chores. Some people have no idea, how relaxing is cleaning your house. Also it’s a good exercise. Two birds, one stone.


The idea of disconnection sounds more and more like some hippie Utopian dream, because what can we do without all those gadgets? What if someone needs me, wants to chat with me, or there’s new episode of our favourite series? I would say: one day won’t make a change for those people and the series won’t dissapear from web. But that one day can be really good for mental health. We often spend our time relaxing by the TV screen or laptop, when our mind is basically stressing out of all the images, colours and sounds. What about music? You don’t need Spotify or YouTube to listen to it. Just make yourself a playlist, buy music online or download it on your phone and enjoy it on your walk or run.


Sunday is the best day to do that. Go for a walk, a run, forget about your phone. You don’t have to worry about all those things, that are worrying you during the week. Weather is bad? You can always stay inside and do all the things you put away because of no time.

Have a good Sunday everyone.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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