Why I stopped playing computer games.

I mean not stopped playing at all. When I have done everything I wanted during the week, and it happens to rain and storm outside, I may put on some good ol’Sims 4. But usually in my life, especially this year, there are enough things to do. I mean, who will wash my dishes and wash my clothes, if not me?

By no means, I want to judge people playing games, who spend their free time doing that everytime, who love them so much, that they go for all kind of events and wait for a release of a new piece. Trust me, when I was younger I used to do that too, kinda. I have wasted so much time on them, and I mean “waste” for few reasons.


I will come up with an example. Let’s say you like reading really much. So you read on the bus on your way to work, or for one hour before going to sleep. But will you read every day for five-six hours? Won’t your eyes hurt? Won’t there be more important things to do? Of course, you won’t. But with games, it was different for me.

It all started when I was seven or eight, I don’t quite remember. My father got me and my brother our first computer. We were kinda lucky with that because not so many people at that time possessed one (we weren’t rich, just my father had a job connected to computers). So imagine a little kid, with all the imagination possible, getting a computer and having a lot (I mean kids have A LOT of free time, I wish I could have the same now) time to spend on it. And since I was one of the most bashful kids in the neighborhood, I didn’t have any friends yet (beginning of school, etc.), so I even had more free time. I remember the fights with my brother for a couple of minutes of playing, or just watching him play since he was the oldest one, and he knew how to play all the games.


Of course, as a kid, I still went out. Fortunately, I wasn’t part of the no-going-out-generation, which we can observe nowadays (at least in my country; playgrounds are often just empty whole days and little kids getting all the smart-electronic gadgets). But sitting 4-5 hours in front of the screen wasn’t new for me. The most I played when I was 13-14. I had always been excited about weekends just so I could play from the morning till the day ends. My parents tried to change my habits, god bless them, but I was a stubborn teenager. Oh my, If I only had listened to them at that time. I still had been running, painting an all that hobby stuff, but not so often as you can guess.


Actually, I stopped playing games quite recently, this year around January. No, it wasn’t part of my “new year, new me” (I actually never do this, it doesn’t work for me for some reason). I didn’t binge playing before that, but too much I would say. I just one day decided: no. This is my time to develop and improve as much as I can, I shouldn’t waste that time on my keyboard.

And I have been feeling better and better since then. Less wasted time, more time for reflections and small thing, that in the old days I never had time for. I know it’s not a method for everyone, to just say no and stop doing something. But for some mysterious reason, it worked for me, as well as for my smoking (yes I used to do that for half of the year some time ago, don’t recommend even starting this). I will always recommend cutting time spent on the computer (see my post: disconnection). I’m a blogger so I still have to sit few hours here and there to write and edit, but if you aren’t, just give yourself some screen-free time. You will be thankful for it when you get older, trust me!

I hope everyone’s having a great week so far. See you soon (Tuesday probably) with another post (but I will keep it a secret what type of post, you can guess!).


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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