Ode to the forest.

Today something different. To be more specific – a poem, I wrote after a walk through the forest. Because what’s better time for an ode, than the last day of the year?


O’sweet mighty shelter,

For all of those who lives and dies,

They come back to thee,

When the soul begin its cries.

In the deep shadows of horrible

Mistakes, everything washes away

Not an ocean, not even a breeze,

Comes, when the forest calms.


O’sweet daughter of time,

Hiding off all the beauties in the cold,

May hide ourselves as well,

In the deepness of the deep,

In you shall we hide, in the shelter of the wise,


O’sweet mist, above the ground

The word, which came out, flies

Like the birds, mystical ghosts of a sound,

Echoing in the emptiness, hiding in the shadows

Behind the trees, where thee might be

O’sweet mighty shelter,

For all of those who lives and dies.


Hope you all enjoyed this little work of mine. Have a Happy New Year.


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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