2018’s recap.

Before starting my last-year-rambling let’s say hello to old readers and to those who recently joined – this year will be as good (I mean rich with posts) and hopefully better than previous one (however, I don’t how it’s even possible). Within every month there will be links to already existing posts about things or travels that happened so you can check more closely. Enjoy! (be prepared that it’s a long, long post).


So. 2018. Year of the biggest changes in my life. Started nonsignificantly, with another New Year just with friends and holidays in the family home. Long, long January that was also the beginning of the new semester of my exchange in Norway (also called Erasmus for those who know what’s that). It was also beginning of my duty as a buddy for international students (which I was myself also, kinda ironic). What is a buddy? It’s just a person who takes care of students, give them information and create events for them. Cold month, by the way, the coldest one. Also the month of trying to change. Again.


Rather boring month. Organized Valentine’s Party for students (quite a good idea, because otherwise, I would have no plans) and went for a few beers here and there. A month where I spent a lot of time just going for alone walks around the city, discovering among other the Mysterious Stone in Hamar, which I explained in one post. I would say the most beautiful winter photos I took that exact month.


March, march, march… oh god, if this month never happened, I don’t know how my life would look like now. But about that at the end. It was the last month of winter and month of my first job interview in Norway (in Oslo; quite an unsuccessful one, but success was that I got to do one). Everything was like previously – weeks full of studying and some blog posts stuff and weekends going out with few international students. But on the last day of this month, I somehow met my partner. Just a normal weekend, like every previous one, but it changed things. A lot.


Still some snow, still frozen lake (my favorite one, called Mjøsa), first Easter spend without family, just at my student accommodation with few Polish students. But it wasn’t a sad month. This is the month of first dates with my partner and how can I forget that. I wouldn’t change anything (okay, I could study more that month for exams in May but whatever now). Ah and this is the time that I tried cross-country skiing for the first time. Thank god for photos, because otherwise, I would have forgotten about that.


The month when my life literally turned upside down. I went to Sweden for the first time (car trip with my partner), went to Elverum (with an overflooded river called the Glomma), went to Stavanger, Preikestolen, Kristiansand and of course, once we went to Karlstad in Sweden.  I also got a job at the end of this month (I had to shorten my stay in Kristiansand in order to go for this interview). It was already hot this month, I burned myself quite a lot on the Kristiansand’s beach. That’s also the month of the famous 17th of May, which is a big national day in Norway. I was in Stavanger at that time as far as I remember. Good times, good times.


Finished with school, all I had to do this month is work. It wasn’t a full-time job, more like holiday work, max 2-3 times per week, so I still had time to travel around with my partner. We went many times for a picnic by the Mjøsa, to pubs to play darts, to Oslo for fine burgers from Amundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri and to see Oslo’s Vigeland Park.


The month of… getting to know me better. Also, my birthday month, which means the trip to Croatia, which was the most meaningful six days of my short life. After Croatia, I and my partner spend, literally, an hour in Barcelona, which was a crazy idea and is an amazing memory. July: full of joy, good weather, smiles and kisses, July was, like previous months, special.


August was most of all just work for both of us and planning trip for September, my last month in Norway (that year of course). I did some walk to Haslemoen, moved from Hamar to Elverum to a little hytta (a small house), went to Oslo once more with my partner and was visited by my dear friend from Poland, Karolina.


The month of the best trip, to Majorca and the last month in Norway. It’s like a combination of the best and the worst, I still don’t know what to think about September. I never cried so much as then. But well, I have good pictures of Spain at least!


Back at university in Poland, fighting with sadness and longing, trying to organize everything from nothing. It was again a big change, a completely different environment. But from good things, my partner visited me for a whole week. It was amazing! We even went for a day trip to Berlin.


One of the hardest months, besides December before Christmas. However, my partner visited me again. When he was leaving, that was the toughest point of the whole month, because I knew next time we see each other will be holidays. And that was far, far away. Also, that was the month I started to work a part-time job, to earn some money for presents, etc.


December… last month and not less eventful than the previous ones. 21st of December I started my 17 days holiday trip with my partner where we went for Christmas at my home and the New Year at his home. The best holidays of my life, really. This post is long enough, so no more speaking, just pictures!

Thank you all so much for reading this long, long post! I couldn’t make it shorter because that was a damn good year and seemed really long also. So many pictures, so many good memories and a change in my life that couldn’t be left unnoticed. I hope this year will be similar and I wish you guys the same!

From now on I will try to schedule posts as per usual, this time Wednesdays – Sundays for a little bit of change. See you on Sunday then!


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