Nostalgic poems.

It happens that recently I wrote two poems, in quite a wild act of nostalgia. They aren’t much – more like a description of a feeling you get on a sunny day. Besides the fact of their simplicity, I still wanted to share them.



I love the sun,
how it melts all the edges,
with warm delicacy
It doesn’t burn
the white paint on the fences,

There’s no conspiracy:

I love the sun,
how it lays golden patches on the skin,
opened or closed, hidden or shown,
it’s the only thing worth known,
all those places I have ever been,
I fell in love with the sun.



The seagull screaming,
the call of the summer.
To fill the void after darkness,
Show me your little madness,
City of desire.
From the morning till I burn,
in Sun, the fire.

In between houses of wood,
led by the source of light.
I would live there longer,
if I could.



I know those poems are quite different than my usual posts here, so thanks for reading and hope you guys all have a nice week ahead!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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