When you think about Norway you usually see fjords. High mountains that quite harshly fall into a deep, dark and bendy river that goes miles into the land. Trolltunga and Preikestolen are two places most known for their view on this specific scenery and I was lucky enough to be able to experience Pulpit Rock. Let’s dive into the mysterious beauty of Lysefjorden pearl.

My trip started in Stavanger (see Stavanger post), on the second day of stay. Woke up as early as possible, around 5:30, me and my friend decided to catch the first ferry to our destination. Basically, from the city center, there’s one simple transport to the bottom of Preikestolen hike, it takes 350 NOK for both ways and this includes both ferry and bus. You have to take the ferry from the city to Tau, and then the bus from Tau to Preikestolhytta (the bottom point of the hike). It goes daily till 30th of September.

The whole trip from Stavanger to Preikestolhytta took around one hour, so after 9 am we were ready at the beginning of the route. At the bottom, there were parking, bus stop, and toilets, so if someone forgets to fill their water bottles, there’s no problem.

The hike started quite roughly, with huge stones hard to step on. It wasn’t a surprise for me since all the info said it should be 350 m up on the 3,8 km distance. But here and there, in the middle of track, there was a straight road without any elevations.

Following the track was quite easy, because it was marked by red T on the nearby big rocks or poles. But even if it wasn’t marked it would be impossible to be lost due to the number of people walking in the same direction. Trust me, if you want to have nice pictures etc., you have to wake up early. There are no exceptions.

The first time I saw a little bit of Lysfjorden was quite a shock. I actually didn’t even know what I was looking at, and a random man was just standing by us and said: “It’s quite high, isn’t it?”. I looked at him unintelligibly and looked once again into the abyss of the fjord. Of course through my mind went a terrible thought: “how long would I be falling?”.

If there’s something more eternal and beautiful than this view right there, then I don’t know anything about the world. Of course, different people, different opinions, but for me, this is all I wanted to see in Norway (I want to see more places, but this was like my “goal” of Norway).

Of course, I took also some panoramic ones.


If you have any chance to travel to Preikestolen and you still don’t know if it’s worth it, don’t think too much and just go. I totally recommend this to everyone, not only for the view but also for the personal experience, which is mountain hiking itself.

Hope you liked this little reportage and have a nice week everyone!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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