A day in my life // 26th June.

Have you ever hoped to see a diary post here? Yes? Then it’s your lucky day. No? Then better just skip this one. I have plenty of other types of posts, don’t worry.

Anyway, let’s start with a song. Not a random one, from one of my favorites lofi mixes, that I always listen after my work. I actually didn’t know it had this title “As the Sun Goes Down”. It’s kinda really weird, because I always see the sunset on my way from work and I even wrote about sunset in this diary, and then I checked the title… oh god. No more ramble though.

“The feeling of the first blast of fresh wind after a whole day of working inside hot, smoky restaurant was able to remove dark thoughts. My throat hurts so much I can’t drink, eat, not even swallow my own spit. How thirsty can man become, and then a choice between pain or thirst? What is worse?

My legs don’t feel tiredness when I cycle downhill so fast, that the wind steals my hair and throws it into the air. I look like a hippie, with hair little bit curly after having braid whole day long. 


There’s something so soothing and relaxing in sunsets. Those rosy colors spread on the sky and smashed together with blue, like a perfect marriage of two different domains. 

There’s no one here at the train station, just me and my lofi mixes. If there would be someone, they would see strange girl with old, pinkish bicycle, too big laptop backpack (that’s always packed fully), and hippie, messed up hairstyle. And she makes weird faces every time she has to swallow (get lost everyone with dirty thoughts).


That’s just me. Glad I possibly go to the doctor tomorrow, to spend my last pennies on medical examination, that could go so good or so wrong. There’s nothing more I can do myself, and right now I have energy only to exist, nothing more.

The train won’t come soon, but it doesn’t get darker, only pinks on the sky are fading into oranges. All those warm reflections lay on my bike gently, like a welcoming hug. I wish I could get a hug from something, but what do they say? Life is hard.


It wasn’t a bad day, not a good one either. An alright one, with some ups and more downs. The train shall come soon, so I have to finish here. My day ends at the moment I get into this bloody machine, it takes all my lefties of energy. Then I’m just a zombie, who just looks like me. Hopefully, this zombie-thingy will drive me home in one piece (not with a hand separated and crawling miles behind).

I hope you guys liked this short form. I haven’t done this neither on any kind of blog nor even in English. So, treat it more like an experiment, rather than a regular thing. If it goes well, I may continue this, who will know. Next post will be a trip one though, so if you didn’t like this one, then don’t worry.

By the way, since I have more free time now, I decided to post more regularly. If everything goes well, there will be a new post every Tuesday and Saturday. Hopefully, I will be able to stick with it at least for one month!

Have a fine rest of the weekend everyone!


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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