A day in my life // 29th October.

I did a diary post once, in June. You can check it here. However, this time quite different one, because from Poland. I usually have no inspiration to write diaries, but when there’s occasion and will, I do it. It’s not much, but a couple of thoughts. Enjoy!

“I know it’s late when I start to get bad thoughts and doubts out of nowhere. It’s 1:14 am on the old, station clock and I’m sitting by myself in a place that could be called “waiting” room with a smirk on a face.


There are other people passing by, everyone with a suspicious look on their faces like they expect some robbery or attack in a couple of minutes. It’s not Norway, you don’t feel safe at such an hour in a public place. In Norway everyone minds their own business, here everyone stares blankly at you until you notice. Like we all are just animals in the zoo, passing by and glazing at each other.

I’m tired. I wished for some cup of cheap cappuccino-like coffee from McDonald but I neither find it nor the restaurants-section is open. Hopefully, I won’t fall asleep here like silly, because I have no other option of transfer to the funeral. Well, I hope my battery will also survive, because we have the 21st century and there’re no contacts, neither in train nor at the train station.


I wish I knew how bad thoughts works. Because I was so peaceful and happy today (I mean before midnight because technically it’s already 30th of October) that I didn’t expect to be sad or anything. I guess it’s because my mind has a “room to wander” as I’m not at work and all alone, left with my thoughts. Bad. I will try to read some pages of “Bedringens vei”, the book I will analyze for my bachelor.

It’s 2:18 am. Reading the book for one hour took me away from dark thoughts, I have almost finished the whole piece. Now it’s just cold, dark and quiet, besides automatic female voice, disturbing silence every five minutes with her repetitive announcements. It’s 40 minutes to my train and I have only 15% battery. I guess that’s when I have to finish my notes.”


It’s just rambling, nothing special, but I felt like writing at that moment, so here you have my “river of thoughts”. It’s funny that I have only two diary posts on this website and both of them are me waiting for a train. Coincidence? I have no idea. Anyway, hope you liked it and see you on Saturday with a surprise post. Have a nice week!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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