Let’s talk about podcasts.

Podcasts are, in simplest words, one, two or more people talking about a specific topic. It’s usually just audio, but more often you can find audiovisual ones, f.ex. on YouTube. But what is special about that? Sound like quite a normal thing, isn’t it?

The idea of a podcast was strange for me for quite some time, only last year I have found some on YouTube. I don’t remember if it was by accident or what, and I’m not quite sure which one it was exactly. I think it could be the True Geordie podcast (be aware: it contains strong language and difficult topics).

The thing about TrueGeordie is that he’s quite open and honest about every topic. He talks explicitly about relationships, sex, lifestyle and often he has quite unusual guests, like here for example (ex-drug dealer).

From this point, I knew it’s my jam. You can focus on your things, clean or read and have a podcast in the background. It’s similar to a radio broadcast, the only difference is that you can choose for yourself what you will listen about.

I really like to listen about minimalism and topics around that subject, so quite naturally I gravitated toward Ground Up Show by Matt D’Avella. He is minimalist himself and has a good amount of amazing quality podcasts with all kinds of people. This one is about letting go of stuff and appreciating small things, my favorite one. I have no idea who Todd Glass is (the guest), but I love this guy! He’s so positive, open-minded and wise about life.

The other, quite an obvious choice for me, was (or were) TheMinimalists. “We discuss what it means to live a meaningful life with less”, as they say in the intro, and that what they do.

Joshua and Ryan look like two completely different people, but they share one thing, and it’s passion for minimalism. But they don’t talk only about that, they also touch upon religion, relationship with parents, breakups etc. Everyone can find a topic which will fit them basically.

This is the latest one I have watched, about the idea of ownership (if it’s good to own things if it’s better to share) and the idea of museums and curation in general.

The last one which I want to mention today is h3h3 podcast. They are known more for their funny YouTube productions than this type of thing, however, I must say, I was quite surprised with the quality of some of their talks. Like this one, with Jordan Peterson, a well-known author of “12 rules of life” (I think it was a bestseller in a few countries, have to check).

I hope you guys liked this quite different post. I know I keep saying again and again “different post than usual”, but it’s true that lately, I’m going quite wild with topics. I’m sorry all Norway-fans, I will have something about Norway this month, I promise. If not anything big, then just a lot of pictures from here and there.

Have a good week everyone! See you on Saturday!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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