Why do we travel.

We’re living in an era that’s completely possible to live your entire life in one small or big city, without leaving its borders. But why some of us refuse that facilitation and decide to cross the city and our borders?

When this post will be up, I will be actually traveling to Spain or be in Spain already (you will see a post about that someday in October I think). What’s a better opportunity to write about this topic than now then? Let’s jump straight into it.


If you look on traveling as an idea from a perspective, you will see a lot of stress, too much money involved and hours spent in a car or in a plane. Those could be the reasons why someone have never gone abroad – usually, in most cases, is the money problem. But in my opinion, it’s the weakest excuse you could make here. Here’s why.

Nowadays, to go directly to Barcelona from Warszawa for example, you pay around 20€ for flight. This is cheaper than dinner for two in a fancy restaurant. Add another 15 € and you have a night in some cozy Airbnb apartment. What do you need more? I don’t think anyone needs to go to a restaurant or buy tons of souvenirs abroad to say that they have been somewhere. You just make memories and photos. That’s it.


Another excuse that I would like to debunk is refusing to travel due to the amount of time spent on going to the destination. Or even the fear of flying. Like, you don’t call traveling trips that only are more than 100 km or those that take more than, let’s say, three hours drive. You can have a trip to the nearby town, that takes one hour on a bus and call it traveling. It’s you, who shall put a name on things, not the society or media around you. But with a healthy amount of common sense of course (no one should call going to the grocery shop a trip of a lifetime).

Croatian pub

Stress? Of course. Everything can be stressful, and most of the things just are. You can’t avoid stressing your whole life, because technically you would have to avoid living basically. However, I must say, that flying, for example, is sometimes too stressful for me, not the act of flying itself, but going to the airport. “Will I be on time, will there be any traffic” etc. How do I cope with this then? I just don’t let it win me over, you can’t make it control you.


I have heard someone saying that it’s good to have some stress in your life though. I admit it sometimes true, especially, as I wrote above, you need to go to the airport. If you didn’t have in mind constant reminder that you could be late, you could be actually late because of not thinking about that or not worrying.

Thank you for reading and hope you all have a nice weekend already or ahead. See you on Tuesday!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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