How to find a job in Norway.

I was meant to write about this topic ages ago, but this one of those articles that takes a lot of thinking through. And for a quite long time, I didn’t have work myself, so I couldn’t even touch upon it.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this subject is that there’s no CV priority as it is for example in Poland. I don’t know how it is in the rest of Europe etc. but where I come from, all you need to look for a job successfully is a good CV. Then of course job interview and all those things (just Curriculum Vitae can’t get you any job). But here it’s different. At least different than I myself expected.



In English, it could be translated into a letter of application, however, it’s more like a CV in form of a letter, where you basically write about yourself, what you know, where you have been working and how it can be useful in this specific workplace. Here’s an example I have done in Norwegian (I mean if you’re looking for a job in Norway technically you have to speak at least this amount of the language). Also what is important is that you have to personalize it according to the job offer, you can’t just copy and paste it everywhere, because those little details like changing the name of the type of job could be crucial.



Although I have mentioned that CV isn’t as important as it seems to be in other countries, it’s still a necessity (I found maybe one or two job offers where they didn’t need this in the application). If you want to be 100% sure it will be read, you should also have it in Norwegian (maybe only if you apply through a gangmaster of some sort).


where to look for them / websites


One of those websites where you can find anything from job, car to even a partner (I think they have something like that). How to use it? Just look for a tag: work and then choose place and type of job you want to apply for.


2. is that type of website where you can find financial and health support as well as a job. The system is the same as on, just here are usually more offers (tip: I have found my job here).


At last, I want to share my experience. I was looking for work since approximetely November last year. I have found it just before my accomodation contract has ended, so it was quite lucky. It’s a simple job, in Burger King. I got it mainly because I have previous experience of working in a restaurant. So it’s really useful if you have a rather rich CV.

I hope it post was useful. Have a nice week and see you on Saturday!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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