What does it mean to be happy.

As I mentioned in post about traveling, I’m away in Palma de Mallorca, and unfortunately I didn’t have time to schedule anything for this day. So this one won’t be too long, just couple of thoughts around the subject.

Happiness is a theoretical state of mind in which you feel happy. Feeling happy, according to old philosophers is when you have no pain (or just no sickeness). But nowadays no one perceive it like that, there are only few people that believes in matter of good health (I know maybe one like that).

Now it’s all about being successful, rich or fameous. Younger and younger people are preaching social media apps in order to get known and what it could come with it may be also success which equals money. But why are so many rich people sad then?

I have read one comment under one of the Casey Neistat’s video and it stroke me like a lighting bolt: “I don’t think people are in pursuit of happiness… I think they are in pursuit ofpurpose, and happiness invariably follows if they can find purpose”. It was written by Viva Frei, but I don’t know if he’s an author of this quote.

Do I agree with it? Well, it’s closer to the truth than being rich or famous as a source of happiness. Without a purpose in life you may feel useless and, in my opinion, everyone “has a need to be needed”. It’s not correct English but sounds great.

I asked my partner for opinion and he just said: “When you know what you want to do and you just do it, or you can just buy ticket to Ibiza, that’s also happiness”. I agree, it quite goes smoothly with the idea of a purpose.

I hole you are’nt dissapointed with the length of this post, but I’m writing this on phone on a ferry to Ibiza so it’s all I can do now.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you on Tuesday!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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