Be grateful.

How often do you find yourself unhappy and lost, comparing yourself to others or just don’t noticing what you have? We all do that.

I find myself like that quite a lot of the time. Like I take all the good things for granted like I deserve everything that’s happening to me. I’m wrong with that thinking because no one deserves anything without a reason. If something nice goes on in your life, you should be rather assuming that you have been good and done some work for that.


Of course, at the beginning of our journey, a lot of good things are happening just because of the fact that we were born. We are loved, taking care of, fed, hugged, everything is given to us without previous asking. And then there’re teenage years and adulthood, where it seems to be completely opposite. We ask for love and sometimes we don’t get it. You know what I mean. That’s the time when we really grow up when we are faced with brutal reality. But how often we overdramatize and delve ourselves into the deepness of pessimistic thoughts?


Just look around yourself. You have a roof, bed, warm water in a sink and something to put into the stomach. If you’re reading this post you have also electricity, internet, and mobile device or laptop. That’s more than you need, it’s already a comfort added to your life. It’s never so bad that you can’t be grateful for anything. Cherish everything, even the cheesy toast (the whole idea of cherishing everything is nicely explained in the first podcast I mentioned here).

Be grateful. If you have difficulty to think about anything, you only see dark around you, ask someone close to you. What you have that they don’t have. Back in the days when  I was alone, and my friend was complaining about her relationship problems I said to her: “But you have someone. Some people don’t have that comfort in their lives. They don’t have a shoulder to cry on after work when something went terribly wrong. They don’t have anyone to warm up the bed in winter.” You get the point. You sometimes can’t see what you really have without a perspective. Sometimes even just observing people around you could be helpful. We all have things to be grateful for. Some women have beautiful hair, some guys have good jobs, some kids have perfect, loving family. There’s always at least one thing.

Remember to be grateful. You never know when you may lose the goodies you have now (it’s a possibility that you could never lose them, but everyone knows how life works).

I hope you guys liked this more serious post. It’s more like a river of thoughts that I had recently and a reminder for you to appreciate things in your life. Hope you guys have a good, grateful week so far and see you on Saturday!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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