I’ve changed & thank you for 100!

It’s almost ridiculous how much you can change in one year. Your view on life, relationships, money, religion. Everything can be changed. So did I.

Before I start: sorry for no post yesterday, I know I’ve fallen off the schedule I was sticking to, but I was feeling quite poorly recently (now it’s better so don’t worry).┬áPost on Saturday should be on time as always though.


There’re different reasons why I have changed or why people change in general. Usually, it’s something big, tragic or positive. For me, it was mainly two things: when I got to know that I can’t go for Erasmus to Norway (the day I created this website, the best decision ever) and when I got another chance and I went. And my partner is also a big reason for the changes in my life, but I won’t speak much about that in this post.


It’s never been my choice. I didn’t wake up the first night in Hamar and thought to myself: “Now you’ll be different. Now everything is going to change for the better”. No, it’s never like that. Okay, there are people that actually say those things to themselves and for example start eating healthier, but personally, I have never met that kind (if you don’t know something or someone, it doesn’t mean it’s not existing – a lesson from life). It was a process, could be called slow, but looking at my whole life, rather a fast one. A process in which I learned what’s good and what’s not. Even within myself.


I noticed the change, by how my friends were acting (those through Facebook, because I was abroad). I knew I used to be more or less like them, I did the same things as them, all the drinking, playing games till the middle of the night etc. It’s not that those things are wrong or bad – it’s just not for me anymore. I started to find different things important. To get things done (studying, work). To save money. To write, draw, run. I was left alone in another country, so it was obvious I would concentrate more on myself, that means I had room to grow. So I grew. I hope it doesn’t sound pretentious because that’s not what I mean by this, but I can’t say it another way.


I’ve changed. I’m not as I used to be one year ago. I haven’t change the outside; only the inside. To be on your own in another country, being fully responsible for yourself, is quite a lesson for life. And hopefully, I can carry on this thinking, because it’s clearly profitable for me (mentally). Being in such a relationship I have right known also helped me discover parts of me that I never knew I have. Of course, not everything that I got to know about myself is positive, but the more I know about myself, the better I can be. And isn’t life about getting better and better every day?


Enough talking about myself. I want to thank you guys for your support because now there’re exactly 100 of you here! This number may go down or up, when the posts go up, who knows, but at the moment I’m writing it, it’s hundred. Of course, this is just a number, but you have no idea how a simple thing like this one can motivate to do more and more. Every comment and like I get means so much to me, even if it’s only one. So thank you guys again for staying with me here, even if I go off schedule or post something not interesting. Hopefully, you’ll stay for more! (because I have tons of ideas, less time though).

Hope you guys are having a great week so far and see you soon, on Saturday, with another Palma de Mallorca post.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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