Week in Palma de Mallorca [1].

I mentioned previously that I went to Spain, to Palma de Mallorca (also to Ibiza, but this later), and I have quite a lot of material from there, both travel journals and photos. It’s hard to fit 7-8 days in one post, not even in two so I will divide it into parts. This is the beginning. Enjoy!


7.09.18, Friday

It all started somewhere around 4 pm with a drive to the airport. It’s always a long way, so quite wisely we went earlier. And even if I happen to be too early at the airport, I still enjoy to sit somewhere and just watch all those people passing by, each of them in their own time and space, I would even go so far and say in their “bubble” (My partner said they all behave better when they’re at the airport). Norwegians are quite often referred to be living in mentioned “bubble”, with their family and few friends and that’s why it’s hard to get to know them closer or just become friends with them.


Flight is long (3 hours) and it’s dark everywhere already. Only sources of light outside are those small dots of cities down there, spread like never-ending legs of spiders in god’s know which country. It’s the beauty of flying, you forget to worry about where you are, only the action itself is important. Anxiety kicked in. I’m not fond of sitting by someone I know without any kind of speech. At least I had my headphones and a little notepad on phone to write on. I shouldn’t forget to write, because later it’s harder to write posts.


When we landed I could feel the difference in the air. In Norway, it was fresh, chilly, cold and here it was warm, humid and heavy. We went straight to the bus stop to go to the city center (we were like lost kids, but somehow we found the way). It costs 10€ to get from the airport for two people, so not that bad. However, we had to go out to catch a taxi to our hotel, because apparently, the bus didn’t go in the hotel direction. It was quite difficult to catch it, we went around for quite some time until we got one.


Our hotel was called Eurostars Marivent, (It’s not an advertisement). Quite an expensive one, but worth every penny. The hotel staff was amazing, polite and always ready to help and the first impression of the room was beyond good. And we had a balcony! You can see the view in the top photo.


8.09.18, Saturday

We started the day not so early because at 9 am. We were quite tired after the drive to the airport and the long flight. You can say many things about traveling, but it’s tiring most of the times.


The hotel breakfast was buffet-type. I have eaten like that maybe once or twice in my life so I was quite excited. You pay once, and you can eat as much as you want. And there were some Spanish specialties, like jamón serrano, dry-cured ham. We loved it so much that when going back home we bought ourselves one package (I wish we had bought more though).


After the breakfast, we had to go to nearby Carrefour to buy flip-flops and some food for the beach and beer of course. Everyone knows how expensive beer is in Norway, so we had to purchase some here, don’t judge.


We went to the beach (called Cala Major playa by the way) quite blindly, not knowing the way, we just knew in which direction the sea is. Luckily we have found some secret passage just by the main street and some pub (in which we later went).


In the shortest way possible: I was shocked. I didn’t know what to expect by the beach in Mallorca, to be honest, but that was more than I have ever wished to see. I know this post is already too long so I will try to keep it simple and short from now on.


We didn’t stay long there due to the fickle weather. We went for a cheeky little mojito in the pub just by the stairs to the beach. It’s called Charlotte Cala Major. They serve cocktails, breakfast, tapas etc. Really recommend, if you’re close.


After the mojito, we headed back to our hotel to wash off the sea salt and check out the pool by. It looked like from some advertisement, and the surrounding was really quiet. Although we both expected some music there, sadly, there was nothing.


We ordered some Sex on the beach and it was delicious. I have never tried so many cocktails as in Spain. It’s not that I don’t like them, but I literally never think to buy things like that when I’m out with friends. Always beer, the cheapest choice.


We wanted to enjoy Mallorca to the fullest the first day, so we went to La Greppia afterward for some fine, Italian food and a cheeky glass of red wine. It was the whole bottle after all, so I must say we both became a little bit tipsy. So, quite naturally, we decided to head to the Cala Major playa in the middle of the night. What a view though!


We ended our really long day with a bottle each of fine, Spanish beer. Better then Norwegian at least, but still worse than Polish ones, I must admit. Sorry, all Spanish readers out there! And what’s funny, while we were drinking, there was some movie with Mel Gibson on the TV, but they put Spanish voiceover, which looked very, very unnatural. Never understood the point of voiceover, subtitles are way better.

Congrats anyone who survived to the end of this post, because I’m aware it’s really long. Even longer than my Croatia post, I think (if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s here). Hope you guys liked it because more is coming. If you aren’t fond of those types, don’t worry. I make a variety of posts (especially recently).

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