Week in Palma de Mallorca [2].

Before I will jump into the subject: I have quite a big dilemma. The number of pictures I have and things to tell about what happened is too much so I will make four or five parts of this (haven’t decided yet). The first one and this one is already up, there will be a few more from Mallorca and the last one from Ibiza, where we went during our stay. Maybe in between, I will post some other type of post, I will see.

If you haven’t check out yet, here’s the first part of the trip.


9.09.18, Sunday

We started our day by looking for atm, because as opposed to Norway, in Spain you need to cash, to use, for example, public transportation, and we planned to go to the city center. And this certainly requires a journey with a bus. In hot weather, full bus. That wasn’t the best idea, but the cheapest.


La Seu on the left (also look at the happy dude on the right).

We didn’t have any specific plan for sightseeing, just to go around and see what the city has to offer. I must say I really admire their architecture, it reminds me of some Arabic countries rather than European island. No skyscrapers, not much noise. Just a lot of tourists, and hotness. And humidness.


The first “big” thing we saw was cathedra La Seu. Of course, we didn’t go inside (I have no idea if you can do it actually, but probably it would be expensive anyway). It looked like from some Assassin’s Creed game or something like that. And there were tourist carriages for tourist by La Seu. Didn’t expect horses here!


It took us quite some time to find way down from the top (you can see where we were in the picture above for example). We wanted to go there because there were some nice palms and benches to sit. Trust me, walking in this humidness is more tiring than anything else, we were sweaty and tired as never.

La Seu.

Let me tell you a funny story. When we were sitting down there on a bench by palms, we saw some small kid. He had a big, restaurant-size chair with him and he was going in the bushes direction. Just before the bushes he sat on the chair playfully, played with it for a couple of minutes and then he just throw it over the bushes. No one reacted. I was dying laughing with my partner. We even went after that to see if the chair is there and yes it was, so I took a picture for a proof. We saw that the boy went back to I think, his father or older brother. What is more ridiculous, they were fishing in the nearby water. Aha.

Just a chair behind bushes, keep scrolling.


It was so hot so we decided to head for some drink at a place called Pesquero. It’s a really fancy place with a view on the local marina and with open space (it’s not closed from every side, you can enter in many ways, that’s what I mean). Prices were quite normal, surprisingly, so we ordered a beer for me and a cocktail for him. It was quite obvious that the waiter will get confused, and he gave beer to my partner. Of course, because typically women don’t like this type of drink. Well, life.


Later we just headed to the city center, or at least we tried to do it because we got a little bit lost. Thank god we had some data left for navigation and stuff, because in this city every corner looks similar, and all those narrow, Italian-like streets can be really confusing.


After that, we went back to our hotel by bus because we were so sweaty and tired that it was enough. And the pool was waiting for us. I never thought I would say I need a pool but that day we both needed it.


Windmills in the middle of the city. Why not.

It wasn’t all rainbows though, I got an anxiety attack from nowhere (I think it was anxiety, I can’t call it anything else) so I had to go back to my room. Nothing serious, so don’t worry.


Then, to continue enjoying the day (rather than sitting in the room and talking), we decided to head to the beach for some evening pictures. It was quite cloudy, but not many people were out (comparing to the noon or afternoon time).


After the beach, we went to the Charlotte Cala Major (we have visited this place the day before) for a first real Spanish meal, with tapas and everything. We ordered to that a cheeky Tequila Sunrise. While the food was amazing, the drink had a rather questionable taste (no sign of alcohol whatsoever).

Tapas and cocktails.

This time we finished the day watching television also (we had a big screen in the bedroom) but a polish channel. It was quite funny to see my partner trying to understand anything from it or read some names.

That’s it. It’s only about one day and it’s still so much. Like one day in Mallorca was more eventful than entire weeks in my life are sometimes. Anyway, thank you for reading and see you on Tuesday! Have a great weekend!

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