I left Norway. Not for long, for some months, to finish my education in Poland. But if there’s anything to say about that is that’s extremely hard. Period.

Now I’m sitting here, in a student apartment in Poland. It’s windy, rainy day and the last thing you want is to go outside. I made myself some coffee and I sat on my old, used bed. And I thought: “It’s hard”. Everything fixed itself quite easily, with moving and all that stuff, but there’s this feeling of emptiness.

It’s like you left a piece of yourself in another country.


And I believe it might be true. Because I took all my belongings, all the memories I have made, all of them were left there. Trips, traveling, sitting by the lake, sitting in the apartment, playing darts, laugh, cry, everything. It was great and I know it will be the same when I come back. But for now, I’m in Poland.

And I can’t say: “I’m back”. Because Poland isn’t my home “home” anymore.


It’s hard to explain, especially if someone has never left their country for more than one month. It’s not only taking a plane and just moving your stuff to other accommodation. I’m tired of moving around. Since I’m eighteen, I moved 4 times already. It’s leaving. It’s sad.


If I would have any advice for people who feel down after moving to another place, it will be: take your time. Don’t expect to feel great or “homey” after a few days. Keep yourself busy (the best advice I have for any kind of sadness), make “to do” lists. What is also important, allow yourself to feel clouded. You have every possible right to feel like that, so cry if you need. Hopefully, you have some kind-hearted people around you.

Well, that would be everything for today. Hope you guys enjoyed this and have a nice week! See you on Saturday.



Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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