Week in Palma de Mallorca [4].

Besides the trip to Ibiza, the best day of the whole stay in Spain. Birthday, beach, city tapas, fancy restaurant. Another fully-packed day. If you haven’t read the previous one, it’s here.

11.09.18, Tuesday

The birthday of my partner happened to be that day so I started the day by giving him a gift. I prepared it way before the trip and had to do a few sneaky moves to get this into luggage without him noticing. And it wasn’t that small so it was quite challenging, but in the end, it was a success. Sometimes I have good ideas.


Of course, we went to the hotel breakfast afterward. How can we miss that? God bless those small cakes and neverending coffee source. And don’t forget about Spanish ham! The best thing from Spain I got to discover. However, for some reason I look quite mad on the picture below, have no idea why.


The color of the sky wasn’t promising and those clouds everywhere again (we were quite lucky with the weather, eh). We spent the day before almost only at the beach so I wouldn’t have bad thoughts if that day would be different. This time I finally didn’t forget to take pictures of a wall-map, just by the stairs to the beach. Quite informative.



As far as I remember, we didn’t stay there for long due to the weather. Cloudy days in Mallorca mean going to the city center, so we took the nearest bus and went there without any specific plan (as usual almost). I mean, the city center is so packed with things to do, that no one should worry about having bad weather or something.


The first thing that we had to do was to get some small food. It was quite hard to find some tapas place, so we went to a normal restaurant instead to get it there. It was some potatoes in weird shape with some herb topping. I can’t figure out the name of the restaurant either, sorry.


As I mentioned, we didn’t have any specific plans. So we basically headed out to the old city, which was, long story short, a beautiful, long pedestrian area surrounded by pastel townhouses, small coffee shops, and expensive shops.



Especially one pedestrian street was different, really wide and full of trees and benches on a side, creating quite a nice tunnel effect. On both sides there were streets and then those pastel townhouses. Young and old people were sitting bench by bench, it seemed to be quite an important part of the city (or at least a hang out place).

We were lucky enough to find some live music in the jungle of the old town’s small streets. It was funky-jazzy, but at least Spanish. It’s problematic to find live Spanish music anywhere, we even asked in the hotel but they just proposed some Irish pub. No, thanks.


Similar to the area by the La Seu cathedral, there were some droshkys to take. I like horses (I even used to ride them) so I was tempted to pet one of them. Thankfully it didn’t attack me or something (I tried to pet those by the cathedral but they were too scared).


It’s hard to take an interesting picture that tells some story, but I always try to find something unusual and capture it, like here above. Those little details, that I would normally pass by, without notice. I feel like I’m getting better at it, but I still would need a normal camera to take a professional picture. Maybe in the future, who knows.


Before heading back to our hotel, we went for cheeky little coffee by the main street. It was so good and cheap, oh god, I will miss Spanish coffee.



We spend our evening quite different this time, due to the birthday celebration. The restaurant of our choice was “Il Paradiso“, located literally 5 minutes walk from our hotel. It looks like a little castle, so my first thought was “it will be expensive”.


Yes, it was quite posh, but it was worth every penny because the staff was extremely polite and well-behaved, food was amazing and served quickly. The atmosphere was beyond good, with quiet jazzy vibes in the background and candles on tables. I really recommend it.


After our fancy dinner we haven’t had enough celebration, so we decided to open our 3€ champagne bottle. For this price we couldn’t buy almost nothing in Norway, so we were quite afraid of its taste. But it came out to be quite good.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoy writing those. I know that maybe I’m not the best in writing travel stories, but I do my best. Have a nice weekend and see you on Tuesday!

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