Week in Palma de Mallorca [5].

If you haven’t seen the previous post it’s here. Before you start reading: I’m currently having a visit from my partner here in Poland, so this post is way more condensed and shorter (another explanation at the end). However, Ibiza one shall be long and picture-full, so don’t worry. Enjoy!

12.09.18, Wednesday

Our day started later than usual, around 10 am, so we had to rush a little bit for a hotel breakfast All because of late champagne-drinking (which cost us only 3€ and was really nice). The weather was quite bad, all cloudy, hot and humid, so we decided to head to the city center again, for a little bike trip.


Our plan was to somehow get to Castell de Bellver, We found a place where we could rent a bike for a whole day only for 5€. It was quite a good deal, however, those bikes were really old and rusty.


The view up there was so unusual, it reminded me of  Hawaii or New Zeland with those green mountains (I have never been in neither of those places).


The humidity and hotness in the air were too much, so we have been sweating like crazy, especially since the ride to the castle was mainly uphill. I had to change my t-shirt when we arrived at the castle. Thank god I had one for switching.


We didn’t enter the castle because of the ridiculous price for entrance. But to be honest you can see quite a lot just by walking around place an is high enough to take awesome pictures.

After the ride, we went for a cocktail as per usual, to a place known as Pesquero. I recommend a cocktail called Caipiroska. Never drank that before, but that was certainly a jackpot.


After the cocktail break, we headed back to our hotel to cool ourselves down in the pool. Nothing better than this in such humidity (I repeat this word so many times because it was no joke about this).


In the later evening, we were so tired that we were quite unsure if to go out for dinner or just go earlier to sleep and skip it. We tried to order some food online, so we called some KFC. How silly it was, when we asked “English?” and they just responded bluntly “no”. I mean it’s really funny when I look back, but quite annoying when you’re hungry. I tried to speak some Spanish but then some question came and I was puzzled. So we went out.


It was on the “food street” where we went for a beer, cocktails, and tapas before. We just wanted to eat simple pizza, so went to a place which seemed Italian-themed. And here a big warning: avoid as much as possible eating pizza in Mallorca. It was flat, bread-like, fatty, with some cheese and salami (wasn’t the same as in the menu). Generally speaking, better avoid. Better to take some tapas in Charlotte’s.


However, the night was really nice and atmospheric, besides bad food. We just headed back to the hotel to catch some sleep before the next day’s Ibiza (next post).

I know this one is shorter than the others, but somehow I only have a few pictures from that day and if I have a lot of pictures it’s easier for me to tell the story. Of course, I had some notes from the trip, but not enough apparently.

Hope you guys have a nice weekend and (hopefully, will see), see you on Tuesday!


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