Thoughts for Tuesday.

There are a few ways I could put those thoughts in, but it’s quite hard when they’re not visibly connected. So here’s a post-bucket to contain everything that been on my mind lately.

Imagine a sunny day, on a walk through the forest. You’re away from everything but yet you aren’t in a good place either. Isn’t being surrounded by nature a good place then, you would ask? It’s like being sad and sitting in a National Museum of some sort. You aren’t happier there, you may distract yourself a little bit. That’s how most of us stop being sad. Sometimes for no reason.


Walking on a forest on a sunny day makes you notice a few things. For example, look at the trees. Every each of them has a shadow behind it, sometimes bigger than the tree itself, depending on the position of the sun. But what does that mean really? It means that if there’s a shadow, there must be some light. Source of light could be a sun, a moon, a flashlight made by some nightwalker, anything. It can easily be a life philosophy: if there’s something bad happening, it means there’s some positivity on the other side, that you probably don’t notice yet or it will happen soon (sun: word game quite not coincidental).


So take your walks, remember to sometimes escape from problems to think about those things in perspective. Nothing is as bad as it seems.

Have a nice week everyone and sees you on Saturday!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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