A day in Ibiza.

A part of our Mallorca trip, but hella different, that’s why it deserves a separated post. Here’s Mallorca series [1], [2]. [3], [4], [5] if you haven’t seen those yet. Enjoy!

We sailed with Balearia company.
It was so cold on the ferry we had to ask for some blanket

13.09.18, Thursday

We started our day ridiculously early, because at 5:30 am. Yes, we had to, because of an early ferry (we took the earliest there was so we can enjoy this island to the fullest). The problem was that when we went to the bus station it said that buses go every 15 minutes, but even though we waited quite long there was nothing. So we were desperately trying to catch some taxi after 6 am and thank god we caught one.


We were still too early at the ferry station (address in the link) it was still dark inside the building when we arrived there, but fortunately, some guard showed us the way where we have to wait. It took around one hour for all the passengers to gather (all kind of people, from young couples to the typical old German tourists). Just at the time when we arrived, a huge storm started, like really heavy rain and dark sky. We were really lucky to be inside (and we were considering walking to the ferry place, thank god we didn’t do it).


The price to Ibiza from Mallorca was quite high, but to be in Mallorca for one week and don’t take this chance would be kinda sad for us. Especially since fly tickets to Ibiza are extremely expensive, this 28€ for two people one way wasn’t that bad. And come on, how many times you can be in Ibiza in your life?


We had two beers left from our grocery shopping in Mallorca so we decided to drink it in Ibiza, but it was so hot so we drank it soon after we went out of the ferry. That was funny, but no one around us cared if we drink in public or not. And there were tons of people, waiting for a taxi or bus to the center. We stole some taxi (because there was no real queue so we didn’t feel guilty to just take one).


The number of people passing by on the streets was quite shocking at first when we arrived at the taxi. I didn’t expect Ibiza to be more crowded than Mallorca to be honest. We went with this mass of people to some main street to get ourselves coffee. After waking up so early we had to drink some caffeine. Period.

That was our destination, I think it was a castle or fortress of some sort.


Taking our coffee we didn’t know where to go besides this upper castle of some sort on a hill in front of us. It wasn’t hard to find stairs, it seemed like the whole city leads to this hill.


The view from the beginning was incredible. Small white townhouses which reminded me strongly of games I played in my childhood, like Assasin’s Creed. Blue sky with only a few, perfectly placed clouds. Like on painting. Going up and up I had a strong feeling of unreality.


It’s hard to put the best pictures only, to minimalize this post when every picture is great (as they say: when the view is good there are no bad photographers). I have never been on an island beside this one and I must say it feels exotic. Okay, I was in Kopenhagen, in Danmark, but you don’t really feel the “island” when you’re there.


We spent quite a lot of time up there, just breathing in the view. We went down back to the city center, for a cheeky little ice cream from MacDonalds. We didn’t eat much Ibiza, just some snacks throughout the day to fill up. As far as I remember we went for some rollo-kebab when we came back to Palma de Mallorca.


After wandering around the center we decided to head to the other part of the Island, where is the famous Mambo club, known all over the world for the best house events and sunset watching.


It was quite empty there due to the hour (around twelve I believe), but my partner said that usually in the night it’s fully packed as it is the most known place for house music and party in general there. We enjoyed some small snacks and cocktails while watching the beautiful sea view on our left side.


We wanted to go for some short swim, but in the main part of Ibiza there was no good beach, however on the Mambo side there was a nice coast. We asked the waiter for the closest beach and went there straight ahead. On the way, we caught some amazing one, but the only entrance there was through water and we weren’t prepared for that.


After swimming, we walked around a little bit, to the nearest hill to catch some better upper view (although I forgot to take pictures) and then we took a taxi back to the center (where we came by ferry.


We spent our last hour or two walking around the main street and just enjoying the moment. It was an expensive trip but the most amazing I got to experience. The sea, the weather, the atmosphere of no stress and just relaxation. Everything was on point. And the cocktails!

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed my reportage from Ibiza. One more from Palma de Mallorca is coming soon, then will be something else. Enjoy the weekend and stay tuned!

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