Lo-fi addiction.

Imagine a sound that never gets boring. Colorful animation, jazz, and rap vibes chill out. Whole collections of music that is far from negative. I present you lo-fi.


I discovered it in my first year of studying I think, by just randomly going through YouTube suggestions (that’s how you discover the best bits of music, trust me). I didn’t know what I was hearing, besides the title that promised me that’s a lo-fi. Okay, then. I’m listening to lo-fi now.

I won’t bury you in the piles of historical or Wikipedia-like information about this genre, because most of all no one cares about that. If it’s good music, it’s good music and that’s it. Of course, if you’re interested in that’s great! But this is more chillout post (see what I did there :)), with some bits and bobs around lo-fi.

Most of all lo-fi is extremely positive, chillout-based and without lyrics. If there are lyrics, they’re from some old movies or songs which add to them some value and atmosphere. However, the one above is quite a sad one, so if you have a bad day already, I don’t recommend listening to it. I don’t know exactly what is sad about it, either the title or just the way melody brings a melancholic atmosphere.

Besides single songs or album, there are all-time radios on YouTube, and that’s what I used to listen 24/7 with my partner when I discovered he also likes lo-fi. After quite some time I could recognize a lot of songs and that’s when I stopped listening to it for a while. To enjoy it again now. This radio is the best one for studying and working because you don’t have to worry about changing the playlist all the time and too many lyrics distracting you etc. Just pure enjoyment.

I listen to lo-fi whenever I don’t know what to listen to, when I feel a little bit down or when I need some chillout. Sometimes just as a background to everyday chores, because as I mentioned, it’s not distracting. There are no rules where, when and how to listen to it. Just enjoy!

Natse is a mix of ambient, lo-fi and dub, but it quite common that those artists combine few genres. I have no idea how pure lo-fi sounds like because it is itself a mix of types I believe. If you want to search some more music like this just go to YouTube through those links and go after suggestions.

Hope you guys liked this, quite different, post. I don’t write often about music, I did two posts maybe but people weren’t that interested so I stopped this topic. However, I had to write about lo-fi since it’s quite an important part of my everyday life. See you, as per usual, on Saturday with travel post and next Tuesday with “surprise” topic post.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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