Week in Palma de Mallorca [6].

We have finally come to the last part of my trip, thank god. I think six is a good number, and I could make seven of them, but decided to combine the last two days since the traveling back one is neither long nor exciting. For previous parts, look here: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [Ibiza]. Enjoy!


14.09.18, Friday

We were so tired after this Ibiza trip that we had started our day with oversleeping the breakfast (although we somehow woke up for the sunrise and then fell asleep again). That was our last full day in Palma, so we were quite disappointed. Well, we still had the next morning to taste the jamon for the last time, thank god.


We didn’t have any more plans to go around the city and the weather was really nice, hot as always but no greyness in the sky, so we just headed to the beach. Comparing to our vacation in Croatia, we haven’t swum that much, maybe in three days out of eight. It was more exploring, eating and drinking cocktails, than just laying at the beach.


I don’t know if it’s just the Spanish weather or climate, but at the beach, there were pigeons mining in the sand. And by mining, I mean that they literally were trying to dig the sand with their little head. What for? God knows, but I shared some laugh at that.


After frying the whole day at the beach (and few cocktails here and there), we went to the hotel for some brisk shower and to get ready for our last evening. We both liked the Il Paradiso experience so much, that we decided to “grip the day” and go there once again. What an amazing night it was! Once again, candles, jazzy music, extremely polite staff, and perfect food.


My partner by mistake ordered some pasta with seafood, where he detests seafood very much. However, the mussels or clams, whatever their name is, were apparently very good. So it’s good to make a mistake sometimes because you never know what you can experience from that!


That was it for the last full day in the Mallorca, not much, just overall chilling. After all, it was just a vacation, not some real hardcore traveling (I have done things like that so it’s not that I’m against it).

15.09.18, Saturday

We started our last morning quite lazy, laying in bed for quite long, enjoying the room for the last hours. Of course, this time we went for breakfast, we had to experience the food once more. After a long breakfast, we packed all our things (it was just a big bag of dirty clothes and cosmetics, so not much “packing”).


We gave the staff our luggage to keep and went for the last cocktail by the pool. The weather was really bad, it was something between rain and no rain constantly, so we stay under the roof, still outside though. The atmosphere was sad, but we were happy anyway. It was a good trip.


We went to the airport by taxi, because for some reason we couldn’t get the bus, or the bus was delayed I don’t know. But when we finally caught some taxi, the bus came exactly at the same time, but my partner insisted to take the taxi as we waved at it anyway. It was a similar price to the bus ticket anyway, so not much lost.


We were so sad that we are going šŸ˜€

Our flight was delayed for some reason, probably due to the bad weather, who knows. I had work the next day so I was worrying a little bit, but overall, we were at home before midnight, so not that bad.


It was a good trip. Really long one, full of experiences, memories, good photos (too many!), tasty food and great cocktails. Hopefully, there will be more of that. But for now, we got winter and spring to go through, then we will see. Have a great weekend everyone and see you on Tuesday!



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