9 days in Slovenia [1].

As I mentioned one or two times, from the end of December I was in my partners’ motherland, which is Slovenia. 9 days is quite a lot of time, so I don’t know how I will condensate everything. But here’s a part first of my trip. No more rambling, let’s go to Slovenia!

Lublana airport / Hoče


We started our trip to Ljubljana the 28th of December last year (still feels weird to say that) around noon. We flew from Gdańsk to Warszawa and then to our destination, so it was quite tiring travel and we were at the place after 5 pm. Before entering the airport, we could see the amazing mountain range in front of us, for some weird reason not covered in snow.


His parents picked us up and we drove around 2 hours to house in a small, cute village called Hoče.


In my opinion it wasn’t that small, however, it had its quirks and old outlook, which made it feel this way. Vineyards, small ponds with ducks and gooses, really near neighbors and small family houses. This has some charm.


Kiwi’s plantation in front of someone’s house. Normal in Balkan countries.


After arriving we unpacked quickly, to eat something, drink coffee and go for a little walk. Then with his sister, we went to the centrum of Maribor for a Tabu’s concert and some mulled wine. What an eventful day it was.

The next day we visited some neighbors and in the evening we went to the popular place with city view called Luft. It had an amazing view, even though it was quite dark, and the atmosphere was nice. We like this place so much, we also went there for a New Year’s Eve.


Centrum of the city was usually full of young people and even the older ones, just like in Poland (in contradiction to Norway though). When you came for example on Friday or Saturday night out in the city, you could really “feel” the weekend. Especially on the New Year’s Eve.



Slovenia is similar to Poland in so many ways. They also have Lidl’s, churches everywhere and small graveyards by them. But that’s for architecture. Try to say hi to a stranger in Poland and you will get a weird stare. Here – it’s normal.


We spent the 31st of December like I said, in Luft, but before that, we enjoyed a lovely family dinner and some wine. I didn’t expect that,  because in my country it’s just some snacks and alcohol. Not fancy decorated table and carefully prepared dishes.


Before heading to the Luft though, we wanted to check other places but it was so crowded, we ended up going to some jazz club. I mean we expected jazz, what we got, was few euros too much for entrance, old people dancing and some classical rock which my partner despises. We danced to one “Wake me up before you go go” or something like that and we escaped from that place.


Next day, with a little bit of hangover, we went for traditional sarma (always 1st of January), which is basically meat covered in cabbage, prepared in LARGE portions. When I write LARGE, I mean like a 30l pot full of this sarma. But we had around 17-18 family members to attack it, so it was quite an ok amount I guess.


That’s it for today’s post. There will be either one more or two more parts of my trip because putting everything in one would be a whole day work and unfortunately, I don’t have as much free time anymore (hello bachelor year).

Hope you guys liked it and see you on Wednesday with another post as always (besides the fact that there are new schedule dates). Have a nice weekend!

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a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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