9 days in Slovenia [2].

First of all: sorry for my absence. I’ve been visited by my partner quite unexpectedly, so couldn’t follow the schedule. But anyway: here’s a part two of the travel series “9 days in Slovenia”. Enjoy!

Bled / Lublana (Ljubljana)



We started our trip quite late considering it was around two hours drive, but one of the neighbors visited family so we had to stay home a little bit. The weather was quite promising at the beginning, blue sky etc. but later it was quite something else.


Already on the way to Bled (click to see it on the map), it was snowing and blowing wind like crazy, so I and my partner were quite conscious about how the trip would be. When we step out of the car it was quite cold but bearable. Thank god.


We headed to Blejski grad (Bled castle in translation), which was a romantic looking building positioned by the Blejsko jezero (Bled lake). It was around 10 minutes climb on small, narrow stairs. And even though it wasn’t the season for tourism, we could see many Italian and Croatian people.


It was so windy, snowy and cold that we decided to enter the local restaurant in the castle for some coffee and the famous cake from this place called blejska rezina (blejska kremšnita, Cremeschnitte). It was all not that expensive, around 10€ for two coffees and one piece of cake.


On a way to Lublana, we caught some nice sun streaks on the nearby mountains, which looked astonishing. The drive was around half an hour so wasn’t that bad, but when we came to the capital it was already dark. But fairy lights all around the city gave a unique atmosphere, and I must admit, some of them were quite funny shapes (I found one which looked like a mathematic equation).



One fine evening, two days before going home, we went to a fine restaurant called Rožmarin. We wanted to go there already for New Year’s Eve, but they required booking, unfortunately. We got there some Spanish ham (our favorite) and few drinks. We were quite lucky because there was DJ playing music that night (my partner knew him actually) and it was a mix between disco and house. A really fine place to hang out, recommended!


Svečina, Brezovica

One day before our flight back to the reality (I was going back to university life, my partner to work) we went with his sister and her partner to visit popular vineyards. Why they are so popular? Well, first of all, they are vineyards, and not everywhere in Europe you can see them, especially not in such amount like there. And second of all, here they are shaped like a heart. Shortly: amazing.


Lublana airport

To say goodbye after such a long time together is always hard. But we had to separate ways, me to studying, him to work. We will see each other soon, it’s just those constant goodbyes which kills my mood for many days. Life goes on. It was a great time whatsoever, I’m really grateful for all the hospitality and kindness which I received.


Hope you guys liked my second part of my journey in Slovenia. I know those posts are quite long and maybe boring, that’s why next one will be something else. See you on Sunday!

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